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Women for Women OB/GYN LLC is exactly what our name implies; five female Board-certified OB/GYN physicians and one female certified nurse practitioner all working cooperatively to offer the best possible care for women from puberty through menopause. If you need a staff that offers some of the top women’s health in Queens, please give one of our staff members a call.

Our Physician Team Includes The Following Staff Members:

Women for Women in Queens provides women’s health and comprehensive obstetrical and gynecological care from routine check-ups to emergency procedures. We are experts in general obstetrics and gynecological care, high-risk obstetrics, laparoscopy, and hysteroscopy. We provide many specialty services including bone densitometry, gynecological sonography, 4-D obstetrical ultrasound, minimally invasive surgery, cosmetic treatments, and personalized wellness consultations.

Our Location:

1 Hollow Ln Suite 315, Lake Success, NY 11042

Our office is on Hollow Ln and our providers are all on staff at LIJ. Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York which contains a neonatal intensive care unit is part of LIJ and we work closely with their staff as well. The physicians operate with a team approach. Gynecological patients will have a primary care doctor within our practice, but in an emergency, it is possible that they may be attended to by one of the other physicians. Obstetrical patients will rotate with all of the physicians, as we work as a team to provide the most comprehensive care.

Contact Us For Women’s Health in Queens, NY

If you need a physician specializing in Women’s Health in Queens, request an appointment with any of our five doctors. Here, we treat you like family.

Our phone number is (516) 437-4300, and our fax number is (516) 437-2033. We accept all major credit cards, checks, debit cards, and cash.

Our regular office hours are from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and 8:30 to 3:00 pm on Friday.

Make sure you have your copay and all insurance information including insurance cards and, if necessary, your HMO referral at the time of your appointment. Our practice is fully compliant with all federal, state and local mandates. Therefore, please be sure to have a picture ID available at the time of check-in. We do our best to see you at your appointment time but occasional emergencies or deliveries may cause delays. We will do our best to keep you from being inconvenienced. Please feel free to call prior to your appointment to see that we are running on time.


Have you been recommended for a Colposcopy test and aren’t quite sure what that entails? Typically a gynecologist will suggest this test if they find that your pap smear results came back abnormal. It’s not an immediate cause for alarm, but it is an important test to have done to find out what is going on with your body. If you have been searching for Women’s Health in Queens, schedule an appointment at Women For Women. They perform colposcopy tests in office and help to determine appropriate management for your gynecology problems. Now to make you feel a bit more comfortable about this process, let’s talk about what to expect during the initial test.

What Happens During the Test?

The test will be conducted on a standard gynecologist exam table, the same one used during your routine pelvic exam visits. Once situated, your gynecologist or nurse will use a speculum to keep your vagina open for the duration of the test. It allows the doctor or nurse to keep the walls of the vagina open, while also giving them a good view of the cervix.

They will then proceed to use a vinegar solution to wash down the cervix. Lastly, a colposcope instrument will be used to locate any abnormalities on the cervix. If your doctor finds something that raises a question, they will proceed to take a biopsy. The tiny sample of tissue extracted during the biopsy will then go on for further testing in a lab.

There are two kinds of biopsies you may receive when you visit a specialist for Women’s Health in Queens. One will take tissue from outside the cervix, and the other will take from the inside. Your gynecologist might conduct either one or both biopsy tests. The colposcopy and biopsy should only take about 5-10 minutes in total.

Is it Painful?Women's health in Queens

The colposcopy is nearly painless, as the only thing you might feel is pressure from the speculum. The colposcope instrument used during the test never actually touches you. You might also feel a slight burning sensation from the vinegar solution that is used to prep the cervix. Other than that, the colposcopy test should be pain-free!

As for the biopsy, you might feel a bit more discomfort. It feels similar to a tight pinch or sharp period cramp. Some women may also experience light spotting, bleeding, or dark vaginal discharge that days following the biopsy.

How Should I Prep Myself?

Fortunately, there isn’t much preparation that goes into a colposcopy test. Here are a few helpful tips your specialist for Women’s Health in Queens might suggest that can make the process a bit easier:

  • Try to avoid scheduling your appointment during your period.
  • Do not use tampons or have vaginal sex for at least 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Don’t use vaginal medications for at least two days before your appointment.
  • To ease your anxiousness, try doing activities that help you relax, such as reading a book, exercising, meditating, etc.

How Can We Help?

If you are wondering where you can get a colposcopy test done, Schedule an appointment with a specialist for Women’s Health in Queens. At Women For Women, they have a team of five board-certified OBGYN female physicians, along with a certified nurse practitioner. They work seamlessly as a collaborative team to help ensure that you are getting the best treatment possible. Our office provides comprehensive obstetrical care from routine check-ups to even emergency procedures.

If you or someone you know needs a specialist for Women’s Health in Queens, contact Women For Women today to schedule your first appointment!

Endometriosis – What Is It?

Endometriosis is a disorder that affects about 11% of American women from ages 11 to 44. This disorder is common among women who are in their 30s to 40s. It can still affect women of all ages. It makes it much harder to get pregnant. This disease occurs when some tissue migrates outside of the woman’s womb where tissue should not be. This can result in discomfort when a woman is going through her monthly menstrual cycle. Today, no one knows the causes of endometriosis, but there is still a lot of research being conducted. If you believe you may have endometriosis, there is a specialist for Women’s Health in Queens that can help!

Common Symptoms:

Some of the symptoms of this disease are:

  • Periods that last longer than usual.
  • Infertility can be from endometriosis. This disease can make it harder to reproduce.
  • Bowel problems, as well as urinary problems, can occur.
  • Excruciating cramps are one of the more common symptoms of this disease.
  • Some vomiting and upset stomach can occur.
  • Having a very heavy menstrual flow.

These symptoms can be managed though not everyone will experience these symptoms in the same way. Changes in your diet can help out as well as low- dose oral contraceptives. If the pain is mild, you can take an anti-inflammatory drug and or painkiller. Don’t live with these symptoms and pain, contact a specialist for Women’s Health in Queens and talk to a doctor with any questions or concerns you are having and to see what treatment will work best for you.

Possible Causes:

As we previously mentioned, the exact cause of endometriosis has yet to be discovered. Research has revealed some possible causes that you may want to consider. A specialist for Women’s Health in Queens may suggest the following:

  • Having issues with menstrual period flow
  • Genetic factors
  • Immune system issues
  • Hormones can play a role
  • Surgery in the abdominal area could lead to endometriosis in the future


There are a few different treatment options a specialist for Women’s Health in Queens may suggest. They include:

  • Pain Medications
  • Hormonal Therapies
  • Minimally invasive treatments
  • Cold excision
    • A surgery that uses lasers to destroy the disease. This treatment does have the risk of not being able to entirely remove the endometriosis lesions.
  • “deep excision” surgery
    • It is a laparoscopic surgery where the surgeon will remove the lesions wherever found. This also includes the tissues that are beneath the surface as well as above. Even though a majority of the tissue is on the surface, there is still a significant portion that is below the surface.

It is essential to find the right surgeon who can completely take out all of the unnecessary tissue. You will be able to tell if you have this disease if you have a pelvic exam or ultrasound.

Though endometriosis is incurable, it is a very manageable gynecological condition. If you or someone you know is suffering, it’s time to get in touch with a specialist for Women’s Health in Queens. Contact Women For Women today to make your first appointment!

What Is An Endometrial Biopsy?

At Women for Women Obstetrics and Gynecology, we encapsulate all facets of women’s health in Queens. From cosmetic treatments and personalized wellness consultations to gynecologic management and pregnancy care, the services we offer will help women from all walks of life. Endometrial biopsies are amongst the most important, as they can be used to detect abnormalities before they reach severe levels. With the help of this procedure, our obstetricians and gynecologists can help keep our patients healthy and safe.  

What Is It?

A biopsy is defined as “an examination of tissue removed from a living body to discover the presence, cause, or extent of a disease.” An endometrial biopsy consists of removing a small piece of tissue from the uterine lining, known as the endometrium. This procedure usually takes around 10 minutes and can be performed without the use of anesthesia, allowing you to stay awake and be aware of what is happening the entire time. Our obstetricians are committed to promoting women’s health in Queens, and endometrial biopsies can help catch issues before they become serious.

Conditions Endometrial Biopsies Test

The main goal of an endometrial biopsy is to diagnose the conditions of the uterus. Certain conditions can lead to high-risk pregnancies or not being able to conceive. Once our team has received the results from an endometrial biopsy, any abnormalities will be diagnosed, and if necessary, our team will begin to administer treatment. Examples of what an endometrial biopsy will test for may include:

  • An evaluation of your fertility.
  • Uterine cancer.
  • Your responsiveness to hormone therapy.
  • Causes of abnormal or postmenopausal bleeding.         

Can An Endometrial Biopsy Be Performed At Any Time?Women's health in Queens

If you are looking to put a stronger focus on women’s health in Queens, you may have thought about visiting us for an endometrial biopsy. However, this procedure is not for everyone, as certain conditions or situations will make an endometrial biopsy unviable. First and foremost, women who are pregnant should not go through this biopsy. It can be done while you are still trying to conceive, or after you have given birth. Women who are dealing with the below conditions should also avoid endometrial biopsies:

  • Cervical or vaginal infections.
  • Severe narrowing of the cervix.
  • Acute pelvic inflammatory disease.
  • Cervical cancer.
  • Blood clotting disorders.

Risks Associated

Endometrial biopsies are beneficial in promoting women’s health in Queens. The results from these procedures can help start families and even save lives. Unfortunately,  these biopsies do not come without risk. Just like with any invasive procedure, the risk of contracting a minor infection after its conclusion is always present. There is also the risk of facing a puncture in the uterine wall, albeit a small one. Recognizing the signs of a potential complication right away will help you stop it from worsening. If any of the below takes place after you endometrial biopsy, reach out to our staff right away:

  • Heavy bleeding, or bleeding that lasts for two days after the procedure.
  • Running a fever or having the chills.
  • Severe abdominal pain.
  • Abnormal smelling vaginal discharge.

Women for Women Obstetrics and Gynecology

For women who are looking to become pregnant or just trying to better emphasize overall women’s health in Queens in their lives, our knowledgeable staff can be used to help guide you down that pathway. Our licensed obstetricians and gynecology are well versed in the symptoms that affect a women’s health and will offer comprehensive care and support should they arise. While endometrial biopsies provide an excellent source of information into your health, the other services we offer can be just as beneficial. To learn more about them, or schedule an appointment for an endometrial biopsy, contact our staff today!

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancies can be long and intimidating journeys, which is why it is so important to have the right support system and healthcare schedule to help you stay healthy and prevent any unusual problems. Pregnancy is broken into three parts; the first, second, and third trimester. The first trimester is the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, the second trimester is from week 13 to 28, and the third trimester is from week 29 to birth. Throughout your pregnancy, you should visit a healthcare specialist to check up on your baby and your pregnancy regularly, which is often referred to as parental health care. For Women’s Health in Queens to check up on you and your baby, reach out to Women for Women Obstetrics and Gynecology to discover how we can help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Gynecologist in New Hyde Park

Changes in your Body

During pregnancy, your body can and will go through a lot of changes. These changes result from your baby growing as well as from the hormonal changes you experience during pregnancy. It can be anything from an increase in weight or urination to emotional ups and downs and changes in sexual desires. It’s important to know that these changes are normal, and you should be able to talk about them with your partner and/or prenatal health care specialist. It may also help to have a support system of friends and family to talk to and ask for help whenever you need it during this time. Having someone to talk to or be there with you even on your routine checkups or low points in your pregnancy can make all the difference.

Prenatal Health Care

Receiving regular prenatal health care is a very important part of having a healthy pregnancy. When you think you are pregnant you should call your provider and ask for a prenatal health care appointment. Your first appointment will usually be around your 8th week of pregnancy and will consist of a pregnancy test to determine how many weeks pregnant you are and to check-up on the health of you and your new baby. After this, a schedule of regular visits will be developed for the rest of your pregnancy. Typically, this means a visit every 4 weeks until the 28th week, then every 2 weeks until the 36th week, and then every week until birth. In addition to these regular checkups, if there is any problem or if you feel any need to see your prenatal doctor you should call and make an appointment. For Women’s Health in Queens, reach out to Women for Women Obstetrics and Gynecology and see how we can help you stay healthy and address any questions you may have.

Tips for staying healthy

While your parental health care doctor will check with you regularly to make sure your baby stays healthy and no issues arise in your pregnancy, there are a lot of things you can do on your own to make sure you and your baby stay healthy as well. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Nutrition – While you are pregnant, it is important to keep in mind that you are not just eating for yourself anymore. You will need to be consuming more calories than you were before you became pregnant. How much more is dependent on your health and activity and if you are carrying more than one child. In addition to eating more calories, you may have to adjust your diet in order to get specific nutrients for your child. A well-balanced diet would include lean meats, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. In addition to a well-balanced diet like this, you may be advised to take a prenatal vitamin to help you get more essential nutrients that you may not be able to get from your diet alone. 
  • Drink more water – During your pregnancy your blood volume will increase by a large amount to help support your growing baby, delivering all of the nutrients and oxygen you are taking in while removing any wastes. To support the new volume of blood, you will have to drink more water to stay hydrated and avoid other issues as well.
  • Light exercise – Exercising can always benefit a pregnancy as staying active is important for your overall health. Staying active helps to reduce stress, boost your mood, improve your circulation, and can help you sleep better. However, it is always important to keep it light and check with your doctor before you start any exercise program during your pregnancy. 
  • Get sufficient sleep – Getting a good night’s sleep is important for staying healthy during your pregnancy. However, as your baby grows, it may become harder to sleep. Many doctors recommend sleeping on your left side, with your knees bent as the most comfortable position to sleep in while pregnant. Additionally, adding pillows between your legs, under your stomach, and behind your back can help you to get more comfortable. If you are having issues sleeping, you should speak to your doctor about it and see what they can do to you.

Things to avoid during your pregnancy

While there are many things you can do to help your baby grow and keep both of you happy and healthy, there are a few things you should try to avoid during pregnancy. Some of those things include:

  • Drugs and alcohol – Alcohol can cause many birth complications and defects so its best to avoid it at all costs. Drugs like cocaine, heroin and other street drugs can be fatal for your baby. Even high volumes of caffeine are linked with an increased risk of miscarriages. 
  • Mercury – Certain types of seafood have higher amounts of mercury. You should avoid eating high amounts of mercury as it can cause damage to your baby’s brain. Foods such as Swordfish, Marlin, and King Mackerel are examples of fish with high mercury levels.
  • High body temperature – Having a high body temperature might not be good for your baby, especially early on. Avoid overworking yourself too hard, sitting in a sauna, and be extremely careful if you get a fever or infection.

Women’s Health in Queens

While there are many things you can do to stay healthy and have a healthy pregnancy, it is always best to talk about it with your doctor first. Your doctor should be a part of your pregnancy and can provide support or guidance when you need it. If you think you are pregnant or are looking for assistance during your pregnancy, contact a prenatal healthcare provider and get the help you need. Contact us to learn more about Women’s Health in Queens before or during your pregnancy, contact Women for Women Obstetrics and Gynecology to get the help and support you need today.

Can A Diabetic Mom Have A Healthy Baby?

Diabetes is a condition that affects the body’s ability to process glucose and use it as energy. Insulin, a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pancreas, is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels in our bodies. While there are two different types of diabetes, in both cases insulin is not properly transporting glucose to cells, resulting in a build-up of sugar in the blood. Diabetes can lead to hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar, putting patients at a higher risk of kidney disease, stroke, and heart disease. For expecting mothers with diabetes, pregnancy poses risk to both the mother and the child, increasing the child’s risk of developing birth defects and increasing the likelihood of the mother changing her current insulin plan. Being diabetic while pregnant can be difficult to manage alone. That is why Women for Women OBGYN, a Women’s Health in Queens, is prepared to help you every step of the way.  

Types of Diabetes:

As you may know, there are two types of diabetes that one can suffer from. Each type has different effects and brings about different symptoms. These types are referred to as Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes – A chronic condition where the body attacks and destroys insulin in the pancreas.  Because there is little to no natural insulin being used, patients with Type 1 Diabetes often have to inject insulin into themselves to regulate their blood sugar levels.  Many cases of Type 1 Diabetes reveal themselves when the patient is young, and the causes of this condition are genetic.


  • Unintended weight loss.
  • Increased thirst.
  • Fatigue and weakness.
  • Extreme hunger.

Type 2 Diabetes – This is the more common of the two major types. Patients affected by Type 2 Diabetes are resistant to the insulin that their pancreas creates. Those who are overweight are at a higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes later in life, but genetics can play a role as well. Those diagnosed with Type 2 may find success in managing their blood sugar with medications or insulin, but can also manage their levels and symptoms with exercise and a healthy diet.


  • Dry mouth/frequent thirst.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Headaches.
  • Tingling hands and feet.

For those that are pregnant and dealing with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, it’s incredibly important that the condition is managed and under control to ensure the health and safety of both themselves and the baby. If you’re worried about your diabetes and how it may affect your pregnancy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a Women’s Health in Queens! 

Potential Effects Of Diabetes On Pregnancy

Infants of diabetic mothers are often larger than normal. This can cause pregnancy and birth to be more difficult. These infants are also more susceptible to:

  • Hypoglycemia.
  • High insulin levels.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Increased red blood cell count.
  • High bilirubin levels.
  • Yellow or blue skin color.
  • Seizures and Tremors.
  • Heart defects.

Please note that these effects are not the case for all infants who have diabetic mothers. This is only the case for mothers who don’t have their diabetes under control and can be avoided with the help of our Women’s Health in Queens. It is absolutely possible for a diabetic mother to have a healthy baby as long as they seek out professional help and take the necessary steps to avoid complications.

For expecting mothers, the effects of diabetes are different. In addition to their normal everyday symptoms, becoming pregnant may increase the likelihood of:

  • Eye or kidney failure.
  • High blood pressure and hypertension.
  • Swelling of the hands and face.
  • Vaginal infections.
  • C-Section.
  • Miscarriage.

Steps to Take Before Getting Pregnant

If you have diabetes and are looking to get pregnant, we highly recommend seeking out the assistance of our Women’s Health in Queens to help ensure that your pregnancy and birth go as smoothly as possible. However, some things you can do on your own before making the decision to conceive include:

  • Check Your Blood-Glucose Levels – Check your levels more often than usual leading up to your pregnancy. The first 8 weeks of pregnancy are incredibly important to the baby’s development and pregnancy is not always detected immediately. Ensuring your blood sugar levels are stable when you’re actively trying to get pregnant is important for starting your baby’s growth healthily. 

  • Look At Your Lifestyle – It is important that you cut out all vices such as alcohol or smoking. Eating fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods, as well as exercising regularly are good ways to prepare yourself physically for pregnancy. Living a healthy lifestyle will not only help blood sugar levels year-round but it can help ensure that you’re in a good state physically going into pregnancy.

Contact Us – Women’s Health in Queens

Being diabetic is no reason to not have a baby. People with both Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes often have successful pregnancies with healthy babies. If you are a diabetic and are expecting or trying to get pregnant, you may benefit from the help of Women for Women OBGYN. If you have missed your period, have a positive pregnancy test, or have had early pregnancy complications, be sure to contact us today to get the help you need.

Elevating Women’s Health in Queens: Your Guide to Women for Women OB/GYN LLC

Welcome to Women for Women OB/GYN LLC, where women’s health takes center stage. In the bustling heart of Queens, this health center stands as a beacon for comprehensive and compassionate care. This is your passport to understanding the wealth of services offered and why Women for Women OB/GYN LLC is the go-to medical center for women in Queens New York.

What Sets Women for Women OB/GYN LLC Apart?

What makes Women for Women OB/GYN LLC unique? Delve into the comprehensive health services provided, covering everything from gynecology and obstetrics to specialized care for women at every stage of life. Learn why this health center is not just a clinic but a partner in women’s health and wellness.

Gynecology Beyond the Basics: A Holistic Approach

Explore the gynecological services provided by Women for Women OB/GYN LLC. From preventative screenings like Pap smears to diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic conditions, understand how this clinic offers a holistic approach to women’s health, ensuring every aspect of gynecological care is covered.

Welcoming New Lives: Maternity Services at Women for Women OB/GYN LLC

Women for Women OB/GYN LLC is a trusted partner for mothers-to-be. Uncover the comprehensive maternity services, from prenatal care to postpartum support. Learn how this health center supports women through the incredible journey of motherhood with a focus on individualized care and well-being.

Nurturing Life: In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Services

Women for Women OB/GYN LLC offers cutting-edge services for those on the path to motherhood via IVF. Explore the IVF options provided, backed by a wealth of experience and knowledge. Understand how the clinic collaborates with patients to make the dream of parenthood a reality.

Breaking Ground: The Latest in Women’s Health

In the fast-evolving landscape of women’s health, staying informed is crucial. Delve into the latest news from Women for Women OB/GYN LLC, covering advancements in health services, technologies, and treatments. Explore how the clinic continues to provide leading-edge diagnostics and care for women in Queens.

Community-Centric Care: Accepting New Patients with Aloha

Are you a new patient seeking compassionate care? Learn how Women for Women OB/GYN LLC opens its doors to women of all ages, embracing a culturally sensitive environment. Understand the importance of a welcoming atmosphere in addressing unique healthcare needs.

The Power of Prevention: Well-Woman Checkups and Screenings

Preventative care is at the core of women’s health. Explore the importance of well-woman checkups and screenings at Women for Women OB/GYN LLC. Learn how routine checkups play a pivotal role in early diagnosis and maintaining overall health.

Your Health, Your Future: Comprehensive Care Close to Home

Proximity matters when it comes to healthcare. Discover how Women for Women OB/GYN LLC, with multiple locations across Queens, ensures that high-quality care is always close to home. Explore the benefits of choosing a health center deeply embedded in the local community.

Bridging the Gap: Collaborative Women’s Health Services

Women for Women OB/GYN LLC doesn’t just offer services; it fosters collaborative care. Understand how the clinic bridges the gap between different healthcare needs, offering a full range of subspecialties, including nurse practitioners, to provide comprehensive and collaborative care.

Your Health, Your Journey

Women for Women OB/GYN LLC stands tall as a women’s health hub in Queens. Remember, your health journey is a unique and personal one, and the right partner can make a significant difference. Whether you’re seeking routine gynecological care, embarking on the journey of motherhood, or exploring advanced fertility options, Women for Women OB/GYN LLC is here for you. Book an appointment today and experience compassionate, comprehensive care tailored to your unique needs. Your health, your journey, your partner – Women for Women OB/GYN LLC.

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