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When Do You Get a 3d Ultrasound?

Are you having a baby for the first time and don’t know where to start? At Women for Women, our experienced and knowledgeable team helps women like you on their nine-month journey towards a healthy pregnancy. Your health is our top priority, especially when pregnant. Seeking regular checkups with our doctors is essential for maintaining good health. At Women for Women Obstetrics and Gynecology, our 3D Ultrasound Long Island offers many services, such as 3D Ultrasounds! Continue reading to learn more.

3d ultrasound long island

What is a 3d Ultrasound Test?

Ultrasound tests are used to look at the inside of a woman to get a clear picture of what’s inside. They help show a much clearer picture of the baby on the inside with a monitor and check to ensure there aren’t any problems with your baby. A 3D ultrasound test is made for the screen to show a three-dimensional image of the baby. With the ultrasound, doctors can see if there is any unusual activity while the baby is growing.

3D ultrasounds are effective because they can allow your OBGYN to see if there are any birth defects on your child that may not have been detected through an ordinary ultrasound. 3D gives off a three-dimensional image while 4D is flatter and displayed like a live movie. As parents and family members are excited to see the baby, many want to have their first look at the baby on the inside before it’s born. Women for Women offers 3D Ultrasound Long Island to help you with pregnancy and other great services. Click here to learn more about what an ultrasound test is.

Is a 3D Ultrasound Used For Other Diagnostic Procedures?

3D ultrasounds are used for other diagnostic purposes. A 3D ultrasound is often used for viewing a fetus, but it is also used to view the internal organs in the pelvic and abdominal areas. It can also be used to view a person’s heart, blood vessels, and muscles with a much clearer image shown on a monitor.

Will I Be At Any Risks From Getting A 3D Ultrasound?

Ultrasounds work based on sound ways, which assist in creating a picture of what is inside the body. Ultrasounds don’t have the same radiation as most x-rays do and pose fewer risks to you and your baby. For any reason, you may need an ultrasound, you will be fine with Woman for Woman, and if you are pregnant, the baby and yourself will not be harmed. 

When Should I Get A 3D Ultrasound on Long Island?

Since 3D ultrasounds are mainly used to keep up to date with a pregnancy, a pregnant woman should schedule her 3D ultrasound test between 26-32 weeks to receive the best results. Making sure you are well hydrated also leads to the best results. Women on Long Island getting an ultrasound can be vital for learning what’s to come during pregnancy.

Is It Possible To Enhance The Image Of My Ultrasound?

As a 3D Ultrasound is used to show more of the inside of the body that a regular x-ray can’t, staying hydrated during pregnancy can help your chances of producing a clearer image of your baby during a test. Be sure to stay hydrated and continue drinking water up to a week before your ultrasound for the best results.

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