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What To Expect From a Pelvic Exam

During a pelvic exam, a gynecologist evaluates your reproductive organs. Pelvic exams are usually part of a regular checkup routine. A pelvic exam may also be recommended if you have unusual symptoms such as pain or abnormal vaginal discharge. A pelvic exam only lasts a few mins, and it’s not painful, although some parts might cause discomfort. Our gynecologist in Nassau County is looking specifically at your vagina, vulva, cervix, ovaries, uterus, rectum, and pelvis for abnormalities. A Pap test is done during the exam and is a swab that screens for cervical cancer. You can trust the team at Women For Women Obstetrics and Gynecology when you need an exam performed. Our all women team is here in Nassau County, NY to support the women in our community. Contact us today if you want to schedule an appointment or questions about how we can help you.

Why it’s done

A pelvic exam is performed to assess your gynecological health. During the exam, your doctor can find possible signs of ovarian cysts, sexually transmitted diseases or infections, early stages of cancer, and uterine fibroids. If you are dealing with pain, unusual vaginal bleeding, skin chases, urinary problems, or abnormal discharge, your doctor may perform a pelvic exam to diagnose your medical condition. 

As gynecologists in Nassau County, NY, we understand that appointments can sometimes cause anxiety, but our highly skilled, and caring staff is here to help and make you feel comfortable coming to us about your health concerns. Contact us today to schedule an appointment

How to prepare

Gynecologist in Nassau County, NY

There is nothing you specifically need to do to prepare for your pelvic exam. Although for your comfort, you may want to schedule your appointment for a day you’re not on your period. You might also want to empty your bladder for the exam. If you have any questions or concerns, you can consider writing them down, so you don’t forget to ask your doctor. 

What can you expect?

You’ll be asked to change into a gown and be given a sheet to wrap around for additional privacy. You’ll be lying down with your knees bent. An external visual exam will be the first thing your doctor will do to check your vulva for swelling, redness, and irritation. 

During the internal visual part of the exam, the doctor will insert a plastic or metal-hinged instrument called the speculum. This is used to open your vaginal walls so that your doctor can see your cervix and vagina. This is known as the worst part of the exam, not that it’s painful but causes discomfort. 

Gynecologist in Nassau County, NY

If you are in pain, notify your doctor. Your doctor will also give you a pap smear by swabbing cervical walls before removing the speculum. During the physical exam part, your doctor will insert two lubricated, gloved fingers into your vagina with one hand. In contrast, the other hand presses gently on the outside of your lower abdomen to feel for the abdomen and pelvis. 

After the pelvic exam

Once it’s over, you can get dressed and review your results with your doctor. Your doctor can tell you immediately if there’s something wrong. A pap smear test can take a few days to get back results. Your doctor will discuss any treatments, follow-ups, or additional tests with you. Our gynecologist in Nassau County, NY, will make you feel most comfortable during your exam. Feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment or if you have questions about an exam. 

Do pregnant women need pelvic exams?

Yes, pregnant women do need pelvic exams. Your healthcare provider will perform a pelvic exam at your first prenatal visit.

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Talk to your healthcare provider about how often you should schedule a pelvic exam. Never hesitate to discuss your concerns or any worries you may have about the exam or test results. Your provider is only here to listen to and work with you to ensure you receive the best care possible. Schedule an appointment with one of our skilled professionals today!