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Things to Do After Your Baby is Born

Carrying a child for nine months can seem like an eternity. However, what often gets pushed to the curb is what to do once your baby is here! Nine months of taking care of yourself and a human inside of you can take a toll on your body. Therefore, making a plan before your bundle of joy is here can be beneficial in many ways.  Women for Women treat women’s health in Queens and will be here for you every step of the way. 

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Take pictures of your newborn and bring home hospital keepsakes

Labor can be an intense, long process, but it can also be quick and done in an instant. Take time to soak in every moment of your delivery, and pictures can be a great sentiment to capture a new life that has been born. Newborn babies grow fast, and the saying “where did the time go?” holds even within the first week of the birth. After you will be happy about all the little moments you had in the room and can keep a scrapbook for your child to reference in the future. Furthermore, the hospital will also give you little keepsakes such as a hospital bracelet, baby hats, the name off of your baby’s crib. Condensing photos and memorabilia into one baby book will make your life easier and create a space for relatives and friends to share the memories with you as well. 

Report your child’s birth to insurance

This is an important step because you will want to get your baby covered by insurance as soon as possible. Most companies provided an aloted amount of time that your baby is covered post-birth before they won’t be anymore. It is always a good idea to get stuff like this done before you are expected to deliver to avoid billing mix-ups and delays. Depending on the insurer, you should notify the health insurer directly so that you can schedule follow-up appointments for both you and your baby. For the best quality women’s health in Queens, make sure to schedule an appointment with Women for Women. 

Grab a pen and send in paperwork

To receive your child’s social security number and birth certificate, you must send in paperwork. Typically this paperwork can be given to you in the hospital; however, if you are not given anything, make sure to ask a nurse or doctor to find out what you need to do. The later you wait to apply for a Social Security card, the more complicated it can be. You’ll have to provide proof of your child’s citizenship, age, and identity to recieve the social security card.

Write Down Questions For Your Doctor

This step is crucial because once you are home, you are 100% responsible for your baby. Writing down questions is beneficial because it makes it easier to not forget when they pop in your head and can also be brought up at future doctor’s visits. If a question comes up and you do not have an appointment coming up, contact and call the nurses at the doctor’s office. Make sure to ask any question you may have, no matter how little or big it is. Women for Women is always available at 516-437-4300 for the best women’s health in Queens.   

Schedule your baby’s first doctor’s visit

Before you leave the hospital, the nurses and doctor will want you to schedule your newborn’s first appointment. This appointment is to ensure that your baby is on track for weight and to mainly answer any questions you may have. Schedule the appointment as soon as possible so that you can get in at the right time for your newborn.  

Be patient, and don’t forget to ask for help!

Coming home with another human being can be stressful, to say the least! Don’t be afraid to reach out to relatives and friends for some extra help or support. Having a child is a difficult adjustment, and anyone who has gone through; it knows how hard it can be to adjust back to normalcy. Be patient with yourself and remember that the care you are giving your baby is a time commitment. The more you are caring for your baby, the more comfortable you will be with this new normal. 

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