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What is a Sonohysterogram?

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Many of you may be wondering, “what is a Sonohysterogram?” A sonohysterogram is known as an ultrasound of the Uterus. During this test, your doctor inserts fluid through your cervix to examine your uterine lining. Using this approach allows your doctor to conduct a more in-depth examination as opposed to other tests. Visit an OBGYN in New Hyde Park to book your Sonohysterogram today! Our staff here at Women for Women OBGYN can provide patients with this procedure.     

Why you may need a Sonohysterogram:

Doctor’s utilize this test for anything from infertility to uterine bleeding. Some of the other reasons may include the following:

  • To determine if the fallopian tubes are blocked. 
  • Examining the uterus if you have experienced a miscarriage or have trouble getting pregnant. 
  • To examine scar tissue. 
  • Identify abnormal growths. 
  • To understand the shape of the uterus.  

If you’re a patient who is experiencing irregularities in vaginal bleeding or unknown pelvic pain, we recommend visiting an OBGYN in New Hyde Park to receive a Sonohysterogram. 

What to expect: 

Receiving a Sonohysterogram is a simple procedure that should not fill you with any worry. It is an easy 15-30 minute examination done right in your OBGYN’s office. When scheduling your appointment, make sure it takes place a few days after your period to help get the best results. This is the time when your uterine lining is the thinnest, which can help identify your abnormalities quicker and easier. 

Before they begin, an OBGYN in New Hyde Park will need you to take a pregnancy test. You cannot undergo a Sonohysterogram if you are pregnant, so it is important to check before your test. Your doctor may also perform a pelvic exam to check for pain and infection.  

The test will start out with an initial ultrasound. Your healthcare provider will plant a probe into the vagina that releases sound waves that help to better see the uterine lining. Your doctor will usually perform this before placing any fluid into the uterus. 

After examining your uterus in the initial ultrasound, your OBGYN will then insert fluid into the uterus. The fluid will increase the size of the uterus to help visualize the uterine lining better. 

Your doctor will insert the ultrasound probe and the fluid again. The ultrasound will help explore the uterine lining and the fluid is often applied to see the movement of liquid from the uterus to the fallopian tubes. Your doctor may also utilize the Doppler ultrasound to assess for any blood clots or tumors. 

What are the benefits?

Undergoing a sonohysterogram can have an abundance of benefits, such as some of the following:

  • It is a widely available procedure and is less expensive than other testing methods. 
  • It allows your doctor to view uterine abnormalities more clearly than other routine transvaginal ultrasounds. 
  • This type of scanning provides a clearer image of soft tissues that do not typically appear well on x-rays. 
  • They can help prevent unneeded surgeries

After the procedure: 

After seeing an OBGYN in New Hyde Park for a Sonohysterogram, you should be all good to go! This test is noninvasive and has no recovery period. You could encounter moderate bleeding or cramping, but it should end a few days following the examination. If you do experience any of the symptoms below after the test, please call an OBGYN in New Hyde Park:

  • Fever. 
  • New or worse pelvic pain.
  • New or worse vaginal bleeding.  

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If you are interested in undergoing a Sonohysterogram and need an OBGYN in New Hyde Park, visit Women for Women Obstetrics and Gynecology practice. Women for Women is known to give great care to women from puberty all the way through menopause. We can provide you with all the services you need, including a Sonohysterogram. Book an appointment at Women for Women Obstetrics and Gynecology today to receive the best care and get the help you need to stay healthy.

What is a Sonohysterogram?
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What is a Sonohysterogram?
If you are interested in undergoing a Sonohysterogram and need an OBGYN in New Hyde Park, visit Women for Women Obstetrics and Gynecology practice.
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