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What Are Common Issues With Birth Control?

Many believe that hormonal birth control is only used to prevent pregnancy. While it is considered highly effective compared to other birth control methods, the effects are not just limited to pregnancy prevention. In fact, birth control can be used to treat several health concerns like skin changes, menstrual problems, and more. However, hormonal birth control does not come without side effects, and there are potential risks and effects that affect every individual differently. At Women for Women, our gyno in Lake Success would like to discuss some common issues with birth control that patients experience. 

What Is Birth Control?

Hormonal contraceptives come in several different forms, including:

  • Oral Contraceptives (Pills) – Oral contraceptives are only dispensed with a prescription. Pill brands tend to have varying amounts of estrogen and progestin in them. The pill must be taken every day to prevent pregnancy. 
  • Ring – The ring is similar to the patch and pill, as the ring also releases estrogen and progestin into the body. The ring is placed inside the vagina so the vaginal lining can absorb the hormones. Rings need to be replaced monthly. 
  • Patch – The patch is placed on the skin and contains estrogen and progestin and must be changed once a week to be fully effective. 
  • Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) – Your doctor inserts this form of birth control into the uterus, and it must be changed every 3 to 10 years. Some IUDs do not release hormones. In ones that do, they contain progesterone. 
  • Implant – The implant releases progestin through a thin rod in the arm. The implant is placed on the inside of your upper arm under the skin and lasts for up to three years. 
  • Shot (Depo-Provera) – The Depo-Provera post only contains progestin and needs to be administered every 12 weeks at the doctor’s office. The effects of this shot can last up to a year after you stop taking it. 

Each variation of hormonal birth control has similar benefits and risks, but every individual responds differently. If you are interested in hormonal birth control, our gyno in Lake Success can help you find the type most effective for you. 

What Are Common Issues With Birth Control?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for hormonal birth control. As previously mentioned, birth control affects everyone differently. Effectiveness depends on how consistent your use is. Some patients have difficulty remembering to take a pill every day, so an IUD or implant may be a better choice. Our gyno in Lake Success can help you determine which form of contraception is best for your needs and lifestyle. Birth control is safe for most patients, but all medicines have some side effects and risks. Here are some common issues patients experience with birth control:

Cardiovascular System 

A healthy patient that does not smoke is less likely to experience side effects from oral contraceptives. Birth control patches and pills can potentially increase blood pressure for some individuals, and the extra hormones can put them at risk for blood clots. These risks can be even higher if you:

Gyno in Lake Success
  • Have high blood pressure. 
  • Are over the age of 35
  • Smoke
  • Have pre-existing heart disease.
  • Have diabetes. 

Reproductive System

Some patients experience reproductive side effects as their body adjusts to oral, inserted, and patch contraceptives. Some of these can include:

  • Extra bleeding. 
  • Loss of menstruation (amenorrhea).
  • Spotting between periods. 
  • Breast tenderness. 
  • Changes in libido. 
  • Vaginal irritation. 
  • Breast enlargement. 

Digestive System and Skin Changes 

Some patients experience weight changes and changes to their appetite while taking hormonal birth control. Hormones can help regulate your eating habits, and changes to your eating patterns can affect your weight. Many patients use birth control to improve their acne. On the other hand, some people experience new breakouts of acne. Sometimes, birth control can cause unusual hair growth, but it is more commonly found to be helpful with unwanted hair growth. 

Contact Our Gyno In Lake Success

At Women for Women, our gyno in Lake Success is here to help you find the method of birth control that works best for you. If you feel that your current birth control is not right, being honest about your issues and how they make you feel can help you find the dosage and type you need. Contact our office today to learn more or to request an appointment!