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What Is A Sonohysterogram?

When a woman is pregnant, she undergoes many different tests and procedures. All of these tests are to confirm both the mother and baby are healthy. Several special tests are performed as a result of different symptoms a pregnant woman faces. If you need to undergo any regular testing or feel there may be an issue with your unborn baby, call a gynecologist in New Hyde Park at Women For Women Obstetrics & Gynecology


A sonohysterogram is commonly used to examine the structure of a woman’s uterus and its lining. This procedure consists of inserting fluid into the uterus at the cervix to examine the uterine lining. Performing this procedure allows them to identify more structures than if ultrasound with no fluid was used.

There are three main parts to a sonohysterogram that a gynecologist in New Hyde Park will follow. The first part is performing a transvaginal ultrasound which involves a probe that emits sound waves to recreate an image of the uterine lining. 

The next part is inserting fluid into the uterus. The doctor will insert a tube that will send fluid to the cervical opening. The fluid will cause your uterus to enlarge slightly to make it easier to visualize. The last step is performing the ultrasound. The doctor will use the ultrasound to examine the uterine lining and take note of the flow of fluid from the uterus and into the fallopian tubes. The doctor may also do a Doppler ultrasound, a special feature that allows the doctor to see blood flow and check for any blockages. 

What Is A Sonohysterogram Used for? 

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The test results of a sonohysterogram can tell our gynecologist in New Hyde Park a lot about a patient by reading over these test results. For example, the test can show anything from why a woman might be experiencing infertility to diagnosing the reason for uterine bleeding. Some other conditions and symptoms that can be identified are:

  • Diagnosing underlying pelvic pain 
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Determine if a woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked
  • Examining scar tissue, 
  • Identifying abnormal growths, Ex: fibroids or polyps 
  • Identifying irregularities in the uterine lining
  • Visualizing the shape of the uterus

How to Prepare for a Sonohysterogram

To prepare for this procedure, there isn’t much that needs to be done. All jewelry and clothing will be taken off during this time, and you may be asked to wear a gown. The appointment should be scheduled one week after menstruation. This will allow for the endometrium to be at its thinnest. 

What Happens After a Sonohysterogram?

There is no recovery time after a sonohysterogram. Once the procedure is over, the patient can go back to completing any daily activities she was taking part in before the appointment. The most common side effect that may occur is slight bleeding throughout the next couple of days. Cramping may occur as well due to irritation of having liquid in the uterus. Overall, there will be no major issues, so resuming normal life is easy after this test. 

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