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Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Eating healthy during your pregnancy is not just important for you, but it is also important for the proper growth and development of your unborn child. As a first-time mother, it can be difficult to know what foods are best to fuel both you and your baby during this time. With Women for Women OBGYN, our Queens OBGYN specialist is prepared to help guide you in making decisions like these throughout your pregnancy and beyond. If you are currently pregnant and wondering what diet is best for you and your baby, we would like to offer the below advice:

What Should I Eat During Pregnancy?

The team at Women for Women OBGYN understands just how difficult it is to find accurate information out there on what diet is best for you during pregnancy. While no one diet will work for all pregnant women, there are some helpful guidelines that we like to recommend. Among the most common ways you can eat healthily during pregnancy are:

  • A wide range of nutritious foods – Our Queens OBGYN specialist recommends consuming between six and eleven servings of bread and grains, four or more servings of vegetables, two to four servings of fruit, four servings of dairy products and three servings of protein per day.
  • Foods that are high in fiber – Consuming whole grains, beans, pasta, fruits, and vegetables will help you get enough fiber for you and your baby. 
  • Vitamins and minerals – Speak to your doctor about a prenatal vitamin supplement to ensure that you are getting proper nutrition throughout the day.
  • At least 200 micrograms of iodine – This can come from dairy products, baked potatoes, cooked beans or seafood and can help aid in the development of your baby’s brain and nervous system. 
  • One source of vitamin C each day and at least one source of vitamin A every other day – Both of these vitamins are found primarily in fruits and vegetables.

By consulting with our Queens OBGYN specialist, you can rest assured knowing that you are providing both yourself and your baby with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy during this exciting time. 

Should I Avoid Certain Foods During My Pregnancy?

Although you may have a craving from time to time while you are pregnant, it is important to do your best to limit or eliminate unhealthy foods from your new diet. Additionally, some foods and substances should be cut out completely during pregnancy to avoid potential complications. Among the most important things to avoid or limit during pregnancy are:

  • Alcohol – Alcohol has been shown to lead to birth defects, intellectual disability, low birth weight, and premature delivery.
  • Caffeine – This includes coffee, black tea, caffeinated soda, and even chocolate. Caffeine is a stimulant, and consuming it while pregnant can lead to dehydration, in addition to affecting your baby’s sleeping and movement patterns later in pregnancy.
  • Saccharin – This substance is typically used as a sugar substitute and its intake is strongly discouraged while you are pregnant because it can cross the placenta and stay in the fetal tissues. Talk to your Queens OBGYN specialist about what FDA approved sweeteners are safe for your baby during your pregnancy.
  • Cholesterol intake –  It is important to limit cholesterol intake to three hundred milligrams or less per day and decrease the amount of fat you eat to only thirty percent or less of your daily caloric intake.
  • Mercury – It is recommended to avoid fish containing high levels of mercury while pregnant, as they can cause vision problems or even brain damage in your child. This would include shark, swordfish, raw fish, marlin, tuna, lobster, and cod. 
  • Soft cheeses – Cheeses that are considered “soft” such as Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, Feta, Gorgonzola, Queso Blanco, and Queso Fresco should be kept to a minimum or avoided completely as they can have been linked Listeria.

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If you need assistance or guidance of any kind throughout your pregnancy, the team at Women for Women OBGYN is here to help! Our Queens OBGYN specialist can help you navigate your pregnancy and ease the stress of constantly wondering if what you are doing is right. To get you and your baby the help you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Women for Women OBGYN today!