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How Often Should I See My OBGYN?

One of the most frequently asked questions our team receives at Women for Women is, “how often should I see my gynecologist in Nassau County?” Many people are unaware of what exactly a gynecologist can do for them and how often they need to see them. The answer to these pertinent questions depends on your general health and age, but there are a few factors you will need to consider when deciding how often you want to visit your OBGYN. Continue reading to learn more. 

When Do I Start Going To The Gynecologist? 

Gynecology is an essential part of healthcare for women, as it focuses on the female reproductive system. A gynecologist in Nassau County is someone that women can trust to care for their reproductive health and look at the bigger picture. Many patients start going to the gynecologist around the time they begin to menstruate. These appointments typically involve a brief check-up and a discussion about general reproductive health. As the patient gets older or becomes sexually active, they can benefit from more thorough examinations. Around age 21, pelvic exams or Pap smears may be recommended. 

How Often Should I See My OBGYN?

The general rule of thumb for how often you should see a gynecologist in Nassau County is once per year for an examination. This appointment is crucial because it can help your doctor detect and diagnose health conditions on time. Here are some of the things included in an annual gynecological exam:

  • Overall health assessment. 
  • Pelvic exam to check for masses, unusual growths, or abnormalities in your reproductive organs. 
  • Pap smear to test for signs of precancerous cells or cervical cancer. 
  • Breast exam to check for skin changes, lumps, or nipple abnormalities. 
Gynecologist in Nassau County

Gynecologist in Nassau County

The exam may also include questions about your medical history and lifestyle changes. If you are not being treated for any illnesses and are in good health, you can visit your gynecologist every other year after you turn 30. During these visits, you will have a pelvic exam and Pap smear. Women aged 65 and older typically don’t need to get Pap smear tests so long as they do not have a history of cervical cancer or precancerous cells. Patients that have undergone a hysterectomy or no longer have a cervix do not need these tests unless they’ve had reproductive cancer in the past. 

When discussing how often you need to visit your OBGYN, it’s important to note that not all check-ups are the same. In addition to preventative screenings, we can assist you with any potential health conditions you may have noticed lately. If you are experiencing unusual systems, our team can examine you and recommend possible treatments. A gynecologist in Nassau County can also help in the early stages of pregnancy and can discuss any concerns about your reproductive health. Here are some other reasons you can visit an OBGYN, even if it is not time for your annual check-up:

  • You are thinking about becoming pregnant and need advice regarding reproductive health. 
  • You believe you are pregnant and would like confirmation and recommendations for obstetric care. 
  • You require an STD screening. 
  • You wish to start hormonal birth control. 
  • You experience painful or uncomfortable intercourse. 
  • You experience bleeding following intercourse. 
  • You have an unusually heavy menstrual cycle, or it is irregular. 
  • You’ve noticed unusual visual changes on or surrounding your vagina. 
  • Unusual discharge or strange odors are coming from your vagina
  • You have stomach, pelvic, or vaginal pain during or between periods. 

If any of these reasons apply to you, it may be a good idea to consider making an appointment regardless of when your next check-up is scheduled. Our experienced gynecologist can examine you and discuss what may be causing your condition. 

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While visiting your gynecologist regularly every year may not be necessary, they may be better suited to address certain issues, including concerns related to the reproductive system, hormone therapy, and sexual function. Our experienced gynecologist in Nassau County at Women for Women offers a variety of useful services beyond pelvic exams and Pap smears. Well-woman visits are essential to ensure you are healthy and prevent problems from arising in the future. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with our compassionate and knowledgeable team.