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Balancing Hormones with Women For Women

Hormone Treatment in New York

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Women for Women OB/GYN LLC is exactly what our name implies; six female Board-certified/ Board-eligible OB/GYN physicians and one female certified nurse practitioner all working cooperatively to offer the best possible care for women from puberty through menopause. Women for Women OB/GYN provides comprehensive obstetrical and gynecological care from routine check-ups to emergency procedures. We are experts in general obstetric and gynecological care, high-risk obstetrics, laparoscopy, and hysteroscopy. We provide many specialty services including bone densitometry, gynecological sonography, 4-D obstetrical ultrasound, minimally invasive surgery, cosmetic treatments, personalized wellness consultations and hormone treatments in New York.

Our office on Hollow Ln and our providers are all on staff at LIJ. Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York which contains a neonatal intensive care unit is part of LIJ and we work closely with their staff as well. The physicians operate with a team approach. Gynecological patients will have a primary care doctor within our practice, but in an emergency, it is possible that they may be attended to by one of the other physicians. Obstetrical patients will rotate with all of the physicians, as we work as a team to provide the most comprehensive care.

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How Can I Balance My Hormones?

Women’s hormones are constantly changing through all stages of life. The Women for Women OBGYN practice consists of six certified female doctors who provide the best possible for women from puberty to menopause. There are several components to women’s health. Women for Women offers services that best fit your needs. We are healthcare for women provided by women.

What are Hormones?

Hormones are located all throughout your body. They are signaling molecules that regulate physiology and behavior. They act as messengers in the bloodstream for other bodily functions to work correctly. Hormones are secreted from endocrine glands. Here are the main bodily functions that hormones affect.

  • Development and Growth.
  • Cognitive Functions.
  • Regulation of Body Temperature.
  • Sex and Reproductive Functions.
  • Regulation of Metabolism.

An imbalance of hormones can overall affect behavior. It can be negatively affecting your daily routine and relationships. The negative effects on your physical health can lead to negative effects on your mental health.hormone treatment in New York

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance.

It is common for the hormone estrogen to be tested first. It is the major female hormone that affects the entire body. It takes the slightest amount of imbalance to make major changes in the body. Hormonal imbalance comes with side effects and symptoms. These may be causing struggles in your life.

  • Mood Swings.
  • Irregular Periods.
  • Acne.
  • Headaches.
  • Migraines.
  • Difficulty Falling Asleep.
  •  Anxiety or Depression.
  • Weight Gain or Loss.
  • Loss of Muscle.
  • Increase Food Cravings.
  • Changes in Your Hair and Skin.
  • Excessive Sweating.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may want to speak to our team about hormone treatment in New York There are tests to be taken on dozens of hormones throughout the body to properly diagnose the situation.

Diagnosing Hormonal Imbalance.

Doctors can perform tests to diagnose hormonal imbalance. There are physical appearances that can be diagnosable, as well as testing bodily fluids. A blood, urine, and saliva test can all be taken to show a hormonal imbalance. Analyzing the medical history of you and your family can also give answers and reasons for hormonal imbalance. It will help practitioners find the right treatment plan. Our hormone treatment in New York provides tests to find hormonal imbalances. Our team will work along with you to find the best options for treatment.

Balancing Hormones in New York

Once the doctor diagnoses and finds the problem, there are treatments that will help balance hormones. Medications and regular checkups for blood tests are used to analyze hormone functions. Doctors also recommend eating a healthy diet and exercising to maintain health. If medications are not the right fit for you, there are natural ways to help and sustain good hormone health.

Here are other options to balance hormones:

  • Avoid Sugar.
  • Manage Stress.
  • Avoid Overeating.
  • Consistent Sleep Schedule.
  • Yoga.
  • Deep Breathing.

Other Services.

Women for Women offer care for all women’s health needs. Procedures may need to happen if the problem is severe. Small procedures and surgeries can be the answer for you to obtain the best results. They have office procedures, hospital procedures, gynecology management, personalized wellness consultations, and cosmetic treatments. Gynecology management is important for finding symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Monitoring menopause, vaginal infections, IUDs, and pelvic assessments will take precautions to prevent and finding future problems in your health. Our hormone treatment in New York will find the proper treatment for you.

Pregnancy Care. 

There is also pregnancy care for regular and high-risk patients. Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. We treat complications from diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple gestations, and fertility interventions. Ultrasound examinations are available to monitor the baby’s health. Our technology provides 3D and 4D ultrasounds. Hormones are mostly affected during pregnancy. Let us help you cope and decrease the changes in your hormones during your pregnancy.

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Having symptoms of imbalanced hormones can be confusing. The side effects can cause physical and mental changes to your body. Doctors at Women for Women want to help you understand your body. We will provide you with the best care and create the best plan to create life-changing results. Make an appointment today with Women for Women Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Balancing Your Thyroid

The thyroid gland is an essential part of the endocrine system. When your thyroid is not functioning as it should, your entire body can be thrown off. If you are battling a thyroid disorder, Women4Women can help! Our gynecologist is trained to help with your thyroid problems and restore you to full health.


The thyroid is a gland that lies in front of the windpipe and makes hormones that regulate how our body uses its energy. The two thyroid hormones that the gland releases are thyroxine and triiodothyronine. These hormones are stored within the thyroid gland and released into the bloodstream as needed. When problems with the thyroid arise, it affects many-body systems, including digestions, body temperature, muscle function, and more, so it is important to seek treatment from our gynecologist.


Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid gland does not make enough hormones to function properly. Since the thyroid gland controls the body’s metabolism, hypothyroidism slows your metabolism and slows the gland’s hormone production. When your metabolism slows down, it can lead to weight gain. While our gynecologist can prescribe you medications that can treat this disease, there is no cure for hypothyroidism. Medication is used to improve thyroid function, restore hormone levels and allow you to live a healthy and normal life.

Common Causes of Hypothyroidism

The most common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. This is when the body attacks its immune system. Eventually, the thyroid stops producing hormones as it should, which leads to hypothyroidism. This condition occurs more frequently in women than in men. Some other causes include pregnancy, iodine deficiency, radiation therapy, and thyroid surgeries.

Symptoms:Hormone treatment in New York

  • Trouble sleeping
  •  Tiredness and fatigue
  • Hard time concentrating
  •  Dry skin and hair
  • Depression
  • Heavy periods
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Sensitivity to cold


The standard treatment is the daily use of synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine which is usually a lifelong oral medication that restores hormone levels. The goal of this medication is to reverse the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism. After you start this treatment given by a gynecologist you will likely feel better soon. Gradually, cholesterol is lowered, and you may reverse your weight gain. There are also plenty of exercises that you can do at home to help you feel better. For example, walking, yoga, light strength training, and aerobics are all great options. This will boost your mood, help you lose weight, and increase your energy levels.

Hyperthyroidism occurs when the body makes too much thyroxine and triiodothyronine, the thyroid hormones. It is common for individuals with hyperthyroidism to experience a fast heartbeat, increased appetite, sudden weight loss, sensitivity to heat, and anxiety. With hyperthyroidism, irritation of the thyroid, known as thyroiditis, causes too many thyroid hormones to enter your blood which causes discomfort. Thyroiditis can also occur due to pregnancy but is usually short-term.

  • Common Causes Hyperthyroidism: Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disease, is a cause of hyperthyroidism. Like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease causes the body to attack itself, leading to the thyroid gland producing too much thyroid hormone. Some other causes include too much iodine, growths on the thyroid, and thyroid inflammation.
  • Symptoms:
    • Anxiety
    • Moodiness
    • Sweating
    • Shaking
    • Hair loss
    • Light periods


Similar to hypothyroidism, a gynecologist can prescribe you medications that can help. For example, anti-thyroid medicine pills may be prescribed if your symptoms are mild. However, if the medication stops working, you may need another form of treatment. Radioactive iodine or surgery are some other treatments as well.

Radioactive iodine is the most common form of treatment, and many people will be cured after one dose. During this process, part of your thyroid gland is destroyed. If left untreated, an individual may develop an irregular heartbeat and bone loss.


When it comes to balancing your thyroid levels, diet plays a big role. Soy products and vegetables have a reputation for causing thyroid dysfunction. For example, brussels sprouts, kale, and other vegetables in the broccoli family. It is also very important to manage your stress. Those with high stress levels have very low triiodothyronine levels as well as other health issues.


Once an individual has started taking medication, it will typically take three to four weeks for levels to return to normal. Your gynecologist will likely adjust your dose as time goes on. Every month or two, the individual must undergo a test to check their levels and ensure the proper adjustments. The test is called a Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone test which requires no preparation and is done through a simple blood test.


If you are suffering from a thyroid condition, schedule an appointment with our gynecologist at, Women4Women. Our female board-certified OB-GYN specialists have experience treating women just like you! We want you to live a healthy and happy life.

The thyroid gland is an essential part of the endocrine system. When your thyroid is not functioning as it should, your entire body can be thrown off. If you are battling a thyroid disorder, Women4Women can help! Our gynecologist team is trained to help with your thyroid problems and restore you to full health.