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Get A 4D Ultrasound With WomenForWomen

Get A 4D Ultrasound With WomenForWomen

Are you pregnant and can’t wait to see your baby for the first time? Are you only 28 weeks pregnant and feel like you have an eternity to wait. If so, you, you’re wrong! You don’t have to wait any longer. You need to go get a 4D Ultrasound in New York as fast as you can. More specifically, Women for Women OBGYN is an excellent office in that area, providing fantastic care for pregnant women. 

What is a 4D Ultrasound?

These 4D Ultrasounds allow you to see your baby smile or yawn, similar to a movie effect. An ultrasound is painless and will enable us to see the fetus inside your body. Images and movies are created from an ultrasound; produced by sound waves. The sound waves are sent throughout the women’s body from the ultrasound scanner. Getting an ultrasound is not by any means required for women to get during their pregnancy. They are entirely optional but suggested. 

Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

4D Ultrasound in New York

Typical 2D ultrasounds are performed three separate times during a women’s pregnancy. The first ultrasound is done during the first trimester (about eight weeks). This ultrasound is typically to confirm an estimated due date for the baby. The second ultrasound is given during the second trimester ( about 18-20 weeks). WE take a look at the baby’s anatomy and confirm the baby’s sex. Ultrasounds are usually completed during the last trimester (about 36 weeks). The main reason for this ultrasound is to confirm the baby is not breached and in the perfect position for birth. If the baby is breached, doctors will try to fix the baby’s position; to make natural birth possible for the mother and baby. The 4D ultrasound can be performed in between receiving 2D ultrasounds as well. They will provide a clearer picture of the baby than the 2D ultrasounds. The 4D ultrasound is performed between 26 & 32 weeks to receive the baby’s best “view.”  

Benefits of 4D Ultrasound

 Many doctors feel there are a great number of benefits that a pregnant mother receives from an ultrasound. This type of ultrasound allows us to see many different features and movements one can’t typically see on a 2D ultrasound. By being able to see these small movements, it is easier for doctors to check for any abnormalities. For example, it is much easier to see the baby breathe on this ultrasound, making it easier to find any possible lung/heart/chest area issues. The 4D ultrasound can also pick up better images of any birth defects an unborn baby may have, such as a cleft lip. 

Reasons for a 4D Ultrasound

A large number of women receive ultrasounds during their pregnancy. The reasons why they may want to receive one varies from woman to woman. Listed below are some of the reasons: 

  • The mother/ doctor wants to know how the baby is developing.
  • How far along with a mother maybe (if they aren’t currently aware)
  • How many children a mother is carrying ( one, twins, triplets, etc.)
  • Check on the mother’s health (uterus, cervix, ovaries, placenta)
  • Any signs of disability/ conditions (ex: down syndrome)
  • Check baby’s heart rate
  • Look at the baby’s position
  • Measure brain development
  • Level of amniotic fluid

As you can see, receiving a 4D Ultrasound in New York can be due to an abundance of reasons. Getting a first look at the baby isn’t always the priority. Making sure the mother and child are healthy is another great benefit of ultrasounds. 

Get a 4D Ultrasound in New York

As you can see, a woman receiving an ultrasound can be extremely joyful, especially for first-time parents. Getting a first glimpse at your baby is very exciting, and here at Women for Women, we want to make it memorable for you! We offer many services to all women, pregnant or not. We have many in-office procedures, hospital procedures, gynecologic management, cosmetic treatments, and personalized wellness consultations. There are dozens of treatments and services within each of these categories. We also offer a portal to all our patients to quickly and easily access all their information and test results from their previous visits. 

Our doctors will make you feel welcomed and comfortable at every visit. All of our staff are trained and educated in all the services we offer. They can answer any questions you may have about our 4D ultrasounds in New York. So don’t wait; call us today to make an appointment. We would love to see you!