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Common Pregnancy Complications

If you are expecting your first child, it’s natural to be nervous or worried about managing the pregnancy and the health of your unborn child. While most pregnancies occur naturally without any complications, there are times when difficulties can arise. 

It is best to partner with a medical professional if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant so that they can walk you through this season and ensure a safe and pleasant pregnancy. 

Our obgyn on Long Island will put your worries at ease by evaluating your health and medical history to ensure that you take the necessary measures for a safe and uncomplicated pregnancy. Taking time to prepare for your pregnancy will allow you to be present and enjoy this wonderful season of bringing new life into the world. 

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Possible Complications

Some possible complications that might occur during the pregnancy include the following: 

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  • Ectopic Pregnancy 
    • This occurs when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus, typically in the fallopian tubes. It can lead to rupture in the Fallopian Tube and cause internal bleeding, so it is imperative to catch an ectopic pregnancy early.
  • Gestational Diabetes
    • This type of diabetes may occur during the pregnancy and will usually go away after delivery with proper diet and exercise.
  • Placental Abruption
    • This is when the placenta separates in the third trimester, either during or before labor. It can require an immediate C-section depending on the situation and if the baby is getting enough oxygen. 
  • Placenta Previa
    • This condition is when the placenta is close to the cervical opening in the uterus. It can result in bleeding and may require early delivery.
  • Anemia
    • Anemia is an iron deficiency during pregnancy, which can lead to a low birth weight baby and postpartum depression.
  • Depression
    • During and after the pregnancy, women may be more at risk for pregnancy due to the drastic changing hormones. It is crucial to be observant because it often goes unnoticed.

There are some ways to avoid these complications through behavior changes, but others may occur naturally or by genetic disposition. It is essential to visit the doctor early in your pregnancy and often to catch any complications before they become worse and possibly fatal. Our obgyn on Long Island can monitor your symptoms if any arise and provide treatment to ensure a healthy pregnancy. 

Safety Precautions

Some behavior changes will lower your risk for complications. If you want to promote a healthy pregnancy, you should stop the following: 

  • Smoking before and during pregnancy
  • Drinking alcohol

In addition to stopping these behaviors, eating a balanced diet with the appropriate vitamins and minerals is equally valuable, especially monitoring your iron intake to avoid anemia. Other factors that can lead to complications are the following:

  • Eating disorders
    • It will be challenging to get pregnant if you have an active eating disorder. For example, bulimia nervosa can cause miscarriage and development problems for the baby. Another eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, may cause problems for the mother because of the changes in the body shape. 
    • You must inform your doctor if you are recovering from an eating disorder before trying to get pregnant.
  • Being over 35
  • Carrying multiples
    • Carrying multiples can increase the risk of birth defects, high blood pressure, and early pregnancy.
  • Diabetes
    • If you have not managed your diabetes, it can cause birth defects.
  • Infections
    • It is critical to catch bacterial or viral infections early because they can threaten you and your baby during pregnancy.

If you are concerned about genetic predisposition to any complications, make an appointment with our obgyn on Long Island to inquire if your medical history increases your risks. 

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If you are ready to take this pregnancy journey, contact our obgyn on Long Island to make an appointment. This is the first step towards growing your family, so you should make sure it is with someone qualified and trustworthy. Our obgyn on Long Island has seen it all. Our office has extensive experience dealing with uncomplicated and complicated pregnancies, so you will know that you and your baby are in good hands. 
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