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Can Pregnancy Cause Arthritis?

Going through a pregnancy induces many changes in your body. From chemical and hormonal changes that go along with becoming pregnant to physical body changes from carrying your baby, these changes will definitely affect your lifestyle. Physical changes in your body can put extra strain on the joints and muscles of your body. Increases in weight add pressure to your knees and make your joints feel different while walking. Gaining water weight can increase stiffness in feet, hips, knees, and ankles, and can even worsen carpal tunnel syndrome. Physical changes like these, and much more, can cause wear and tear on your joints and bones. If you are going through a pregnancy and are experiencing issues with joints or arthritis with your pregnancy and want to speak to a gynecologist in New Hyde Park, reach out to us at Women for Women and see how we can help you!

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Pregnancy Arthritis Treatments

If you are experiencing arthritis during your pregnancy you may want to reach out to your doctor. There are many ways you can go about managing your pregnancy arthritis. To speak with a gynecologist in New Hyde Park and find out the best option for you, contact us at Women for Women and see how we can help. Some options to treat your pregnancy arthritis include:

  • There are some arthritis medications that you can take while pregnant and pose no threat to your baby. Talk to your doctor about what medications you can take and how they will help.
  • Exercising regularly and staying active can improve the range of motions and keep joints flexible. Low impact exercises are best but talk with your doctor to find out which exercises are best for you.
  • Hot and cold therapies can help reduce pains and manage any arthritis symptoms.
  • Massages can treat joint pains and stiffness while improving range of motion.
  • Getting proper and good rest can help manage general body pain and stiffness while you are pregnant. Additionally, resting with your feet up can help rescue strain on your legs and lower back.
  • Changing some things in your lifestyle can also help you. Being mindful of your posture, the shoes or clothes you wear, and activities you do can affect your joint health and pain, and flare up arthritis pains.

These are some natural and medical treatments you can use to manage any joint pain and arthritis problems you may develop during pregnancy. Before trying any of these, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor first. To speak with a gynecologist in New Hyde Park and find the best options for you and your body, contact us at Women for Women and see how we can help you.

Risk of Arthritis During Pregnancy

Developing or having arthritis during pregnancy can increase different types of risks related to your pregnancy. While these are all manageable, it is important to know these risks so you can talk to your doctor about them and know what to expect. Some of these risks include:

  • Having arthritis can increase your risks of preeclampsia. This increases the mother’s blood pressure and amount of protein in their urine. This condition can develop during pregnancy or even postpartum and can be a serious problem.
  • Women who have arthritis during pregnancy have increased risk related to their baby’s birth. Women with arthritis may give birth to smaller babies or lower weight than average babies.
  • Women with arthritis are more likely to have a cesarean birth. This is due to the already present body and back pains making labor and birth more difficult. It is best to talk to your doctor about these risks before labor starts.
  • It is common for women to have arthritis symptom flare-ups up to a few weeks after birth. In these cases, there are medications you can take that are safe to breastfeed with, and you should continue and exercise and stretches your doctor prescribes to you.

These are some of the risks involved with having arthritis during pregnancy. This can be due to arthritis you have had before your pregnancy, or in some cases arthritis that can develop after you get pregnant. To learn more about arthritis during pregnancy, what your options are, and to speak with a gynecologist in New Hyde Park, reach out to us at Women for Women and see what we have to offer!