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What are the Benefits of a 3D/4D Ultrasound?

What are the Benefits of a 3D/4D Ultrasound?

Becoming a mother is one of, if not the most treasured moments in our lives. As we go through our journey towards motherhood, we can’t help but wonder what our baby looks like, what’s its age, its gender, and health. Traditionally, mothers would go for a 2D ultrasound to receive flat images of their baby to find out before the big day arrives. However other thoughts such as possible warning signs, or birth defects are a cause of concern. These complications aren’t normally picked up by traditional 2-D ultrasound. Here at Women for Women, if you are an expecting mother who would like to go beyond the traditional route, then a 3D ultrasound in Long Island might be right for you!  3D Ultrasound in Long Island can be vital for understanding and finding out what to expect during your pregnancy. 

What Is an Ultrasound?

For most of our history, our knowledge of our bodies and its system have only been viewed skin deep. But thankfully, new modern medicine has been able to use sound waves to see beyond the skin. It has enabled us to be able to see our babies in live-action.

When you go for your ultrasound appointment, a licensed practitioner will use ultrasound technology to “listen” to the sounds waves that are directed from the equipment and bounce back, producing a diagnostic image. 

If you’re pregnant, you probably would like to know the different types of ultrasound that are offered. 

·     2D ultrasound– Our traditional method where we produce two-dimensional or flat images of your baby. It can be used to see the internal organs and determine its gestational age, gender, and health. 

·     3D ultrasound–  The same sound waves in 2D are used from various angles, enabling the ultrasound technology to “see” your baby in a three-dimensional image. A process known as “surface rendering. 

·     4D Ultrasound- The images that are produced from 3-D ultrasound are constantly updated, producing motion resulting in creating a moving picture of your baby. 

Mothers traditionally go for an ultrasound to check for a variety of factors during their pregnancy such as: 

·     How the baby is developing. 

·     The baby’s age

·     Possible complications in the uterus, ovaries, cervix, or placenta. 

·     How many babies you are carrying. 

·     Any problem you or your baby may have. 

·     The baby’s heart rate. 

·     The baby’s position and growth in the uterus. 

·     Signs of Down Syndrome. 

3-D ultrasound technology is still recent. It’s technology was first developed back in 1975, and it’s first images of a fetus were captured in 1986.

If you’re a mother who wants to go beyond 2D ultrasound and would like a 3D ultrasound on Long Island, then contact us at Women for Women and see how we can help you. 

The Benefits of 3D/4D Ultrasound. 

For parents expecting a baby, having an ultrasound is one of the most exciting moments during pregnancy. Having the opportunity to be able to view and hear your child’s heartbeat is a life-changing experience. 

Most parents want a 3D ultrasound because it allows them to see if there are any possible birth defects or complications that you may not normally see during a traditional ultrasound. Other benefits for a 3D ultrasound vs 2D include:

·     For women with high risk pregnancies, it is highly recommended for a better assessment of your baby to prevent complications. 

·     Detecting any physical abnormalities among fetuses such as cleft palate, or club foot. 

·     If you opt for 4D ultrasound, it can help detect any behavioral concerns to help diagnose any possible brain or nervous system problems. 

The risk of 3D/4D ultrasound is low. They use the same technology as a 2D ultrasound. The only difference is in the way waves are received. The important thing to understand is that a 3D/4D ultrasound is optional.  It is not required and you can always opt for a 2D ultrasound. 

How Can Women for Women Help? 

A woman’s journey to motherhood is special and exciting. If you’re pregnant and are considering a 3D/4D ultrasound, we ask that you contact us at Women for Women.  We offer 3D ultrasound in Long Island for women. Contact us today to request an appointment with us soon.