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Lactation Consultation


Families who seek the help of an IBCLC (International Board Certified  Lactation Consultant) get the gurus of breastfeeding knowledge and support. An IBCLC is an expert on breastfeeding. By finding one as you begin breastfeeding, you equip yourself with the very best support available. Your doctors are very supportive of breastfeeding and encourage you to see our IBCLC in our office before delivery and after with baby as well. Call our office for an assessment or consultation.

Some situations our IBCLC can assist you with:

  • Latching issues, sore/damaged nipples
  • Plugged ducts, mastitis, engorgement, breast pain OBGYN Lake Success
  • Obtaining a pump from your insurance
  • How to tell if the baby is getting enough milk
  • Understanding normal newborn behavior/sleep-wake patterns
  • How to manage breastfeeding a newborn when you have other children to care for
  • Nursing multiples and tandem nursing
  • Increasing supply, Low supply
  • Overactive letdown, oversupply
  • Relactation, induced lactation
  • Weaning off a nipple shield
  • Tethered oral tissues (tongue, lip, and buccal ties)
  • Anxiety regarding lactation and breastfeeding
  • Weaning


Donna is the best! I found her seven years ago for my daughter Sienna and she continues to be an amazing resource for our growing family. Donna has helped all three of my children nurse like champs. My girls needed help with reflux and fast let down of my milk. Most recently my son had a lot of clicking when nursing and gas so I consulted with Donna and she recommended a wonderful oral surgeon to correct my son’s lip and tongue tie and within hours of the procedure, I am already seeing a difference! It’s such a comfort to know that she makes herself so available, motherhood is stressful enough. I can’t wait to attend one of her seminars locally to learn more. – Laura C.


Donna was amazing! We recently brought our 3rd child home and breastfeeding was the least of my concerns since I had 2 previous successes in that department. My third was a game changer. She didn’t latch correctly and I was in so much pain ready to give up. In the first 5 minutes Donna was at my house she helped correct her latch, discussed various topics revolving around breastfeeding and developed a care plan specific to my daughter’s needs. Well worth every penny! Kristen


As I approach my twins’ first birthday, I want to thank you again, Donna. You were a lifesaver! I called Donna in a panic the day I got home from the hospital with my twins and she made time to see me the very next morning. I was upset, tired, frustrated and overwhelmed. Donna’s calming presence put me at ease immediately — transforming what to me seemed like an impossible task, to something that I could totally do. It’s because of her that I didn’t give up that first week and because of her help, I had the confidence and renewed determination to bf my twins and did so for 4 months. Something I never thought possible. I recommend her to everyone I know. Thank you, Donna!! – Alycia K.


Donna ….A lot of women who exclusively pump had bad experiences with their IBCLCs and I wanted to thank you for being so supportive and trying to help me when I was really struggling. As an update- I’ve been exclusively pumping for a few months now (Lulu is 5mo), and she hasn’t had any formula for over 3 months! I produce an average of 32 ounces per day, she eats 26-30. We tried to get her to latch for a while but it was clear she was much happier with the bottle. I was thinking that while I know your job is to help women to nurse directly if someone really can’t do it exclusively pumping is definitely a lot better than giving up and switching to formula. – Jesse


Donna was a lifesaver! Since having my baby 2 weeks ago, I have been struggling with breastfeeding. After a terrible evening of my baby not latching for what seemed like hours, I broke down and couldn’t stop crying. I researched online to find a consultant who could help. Donna immediately responded the same night and came the very next morning! She was able to find many of the issues preventing me from breastfeeding properly. I’m so thankful for her patience and willingness to help right away. I recommend Donna to anyone who is struggling with breastfeeding! With Donna, you don’t have to struggle anymore! – Catherine A.